How Can Helium 10 Help Me Crush It?


The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur on Amazon doesn't have to mean traveling alone in the dark. Let Helium 10 light your way. Helium 10 works for you, replacing hours of tedious, hit-or-miss seller guesswork with our sophisticated, statistical analysis.

Helium 10’s all-in-one software suite supports independent Amazon sellers like you in their quest to maximize the visibility of their products and to increase their sales in a competitive Amazon marketplace.

Whether you want to research the existing Amazon marketplace for potential new products to sell, optimize sales of your existing listings, track your profits and refunds, protect your products, or reach customers, Helium 10 can assist you in achieving your goals.

Helium 10’s tools work in seamless unity to help you research products, create more successful launches and advertising campaigns, calculate profits, and shelter your stock from opportunistic competitors.

First and foremost, Helium 10's Chrome Extension, which includes XrayASIN Grabber, Profitability Calculator, Inventory Level and Review Insights, works through the Chrome web browser to immediately enhance and expand the information you can see whenever you view products directly on the Amazon website.

Helium 10’s additional, powerful research tools--available by subscription--help you conduct:

Product Research

  • Black Box - Searches Amazon's database for existing products and their sales data

  • Profitability Calculator - Estimates product costs, fees and potential profit

  • Trendster - Identifies seasonal sales trends

  • Xray - Identifies the top selling related products for a search term with all their sales data

Keyword Research 

  • Cerebro - Identifies the most relevant keywords for Amazon products, including competitor products

  • Magnet - Searches and gathers the most relevant keywords on Amazon by product type

  • Misspellinator - Identifies misspelled words customers use to search for products on Amazon

Additional tools help you manage your business:

Listing Optimization 

  • Frankenstein - Sorts and organizes thousands of relevant keywords for writing a listing

  • Index Checker - Checks whether a product is indexed for a keyword on Amazon's system

  • Scribbles - Helps sellers organize and write effective listings


  • Portals - Allows sellers to create landing pages for product launches and ad campaigns

  • ADS (currently in Beta Version) - Allows sellers to manage their Amazon PPC campaigns in one software, monitors ad campaign effectiveness and makes suggestions for changes


  • Alerts - Tracks and sends alerts to sellers when unexpected events happen to their listings

  • Inventory Protector - Allows sellers to limit the number of items a single customer can purchase in a single transaction when they are running an ad campaign

  • Follow-Up - Allows sellers to create and automate customer email contact following a sale

  • Seller Assistant Chrome Extension - Lets sellers request customer reviews with one click inside Seller Central
  • Refund Genie - Identifies possible owed refunds based on lost or damaged products in Amazon's warehouses


  • Keyword Tracker - Tracks the effectiveness of keywords in listings

  • Market Tracker - Tracks a seller's competitors' products

  • Profits - Imports and organizes a seller's financial data from Amazon

In fact, Helium 10 is so powerful and so intense that, in the beginning, you’ll definitely want to leverage Helium 10’s variety of training resources to get started.

Like to visualize and listen to how to use Helium 10?

  • Inside Helium 10’s launched program dashboard, each tool has its own LEARN button which links to videos that teach you how to use that specific tool.

  • Helium 10’s Knowledge Base houses PRO Training videos

  • The Serious Sellers Podcast investigates ways to build your Amazon market using Helium 10 tools. Subscribe through iTunes or Google Play.

Like to scan and read how to use Helium 10?

This knowledge base manual provides written instructions on how to use each tool to its maximum potential.

  • For a step-by-step, in-depth tutorial on one or all of the Helium 10 tools, devote some time to reading the individual sections dedicated to each tool.

  • Helium 10’s website also provides links to brief overview guides under its Resources Menu.

  • Helium 10 publishes regular blog posts about its tools and the Amazon Marketplace. Link to and subscribe via our Helium 10 website.

Like to follow how other Amazon sellers increase their sales and profits every day using Helium 10’s tools?

Helium 10 sponsors an active online community of Helium 10 users on various social media platforms to help sellers share strategies and selling experiences.

To ensure you’re kept up-to-date on all new features and tools as they launch and add new releases, we recommend following us on at least one of these channels, and ideally on all of them. The added benefit of linking to our social media platforms—especially on Facebook where the discussions are lively and continuous—is that you’ll be able to draw on the experience and expertise of other sellers just like yourself, as you build and grow your Amazon business.

Finally, Helium 10 provides online technical support.

  • The general support link can be found under the Resources Menu on Helium 10’s website.

  • Enrolled Helium 10 users can also link to the Helium 10 Helper inside the members’ area when they are logged into their Helium 10 account.

We’re pleased you’ve chosen Helium 10 to build and manage your Amazon business. You’ll find that Helium 10’s tools can lighten your work load significantly by automating many time-consuming tasks and by providing you with quality data that enhances the effectiveness of your listing and advertising efforts. Helium 10 is here to support you in achieving all your Amazon Marketplace business dreams. 


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