What Should I Do If I Have Questions or Issues with My Helium 10 Subscription?


Helium 10 membership operates as a recurring subscription that is billed monthly. This system of billing provides continuous, uninterrupted maintenance of your account data.

Your account subscription automatically renews every month, unless you specifically cancel your subscription in advance.

Cancelled Account

If you think that you previously canceled your subscription with Helium 10, but continue to see charges for the account, the cancellation may not have been complete. 

1. Please login to your active Helium 10 account.


2. Click on the blue Chat icon to send a request for help to our customer service agent.


3. If your account is inactive, but the charge is still being processed, you can also access customer service through this knowledge base site. This route is also the best way to contact an agent if your account is unexpectedly cancelled due to an expired card on the account. Click on Submit a request in the left menu.


4. Complete the form with your email address on record with Helium 10, the subject of your request, and a brief description. If you know the date and amount of the charge, that will help us help you more quickly.


5. Finally, you can simply email customer service directly at support@helium10.com to resolve those charges. If possible, please use the email address you have on record with Helium 10.



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