Refund Genie + Profits. Now Available In Two Marketplaces

The REFUND GENIE and PROFITS tools are now available in two marketplaces: North America and Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK). In order to toggle back and forth between these marketplaces simply select the tool (Refund Genie or Profits) that you would like to use from the Helium 10 dashboard.

For example, select Refund Genie if you would like to see your estimated Amazon refunds for lost or damaged products:


Then you will see two buttons at the top left corner for North America and Europe.

To select the North America marketplace or the new Europe marketplace, simply click on the button of the marketplace you would like to access.


From there you will need to read and acknowledge the guidance terms.

Once you acknowledge the guidance terms, just click on the “Show me the money” button and your estimated refund amount will populate.

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