Is There a Suggested Flow for Using the Helium 10 Tools?

There is actually no specific flow that we can recommend on how to use the Helium 10 suite of tools. The usage of the tools will depend upon your current needs.

 If you are on the process of just starting your Amazon FBA business and is still in the product research stage, I would suggest using first our Helium 10 Black Box tool and the XRay tool (part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension). When you have found a possible product that you want to manufacture and sell, use the Profitability Calculator (part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension) to check the possible manufacturing cost and profitability of a product after all Amazon fees.

The Review Downloader (part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension), can also be used for product research. You can use the comments to improve on the product you wish to sell on Amazon, looking at the feedback provided and checking for flaws in order for your manufacturer to correct them thus, resulting to a better product.

If you are on the stage of your Amazon FBA business where you have found a product and would want to start creating your listing, we offer the following:

Magnet and Cerebro – For Keyword research.

Frankenstein – For keyword processing

Misspellinator – For finding misspelling which you can add to your backend search terms and

Scribbles – For listing creation (please note, Scribbles has no direct integration with the Amazon system for creating or updating your listing. Work done in Scribbles will need to be copied and pasted into Amazon).

Review Dowloader can also be used for Keyword research. You can use the feedback as a way to search for commonly used words to describe the item by customers who have left a review.

              If you are already selling in Amazon for some time and would want ways to monitor your listing, we offer the following tools:

Keyword Tracker – For tracking the ranking changes of your listing keywords.

Index Checker – To check if Amazon is indexing you in the keywords you have used in your listing.

Alerts – To notify you when someone jumps on your listing which may result to you, losing the buy box.

Inventory Protector – To ensure that you are setting a maximum quantity of items that can be ordered from you. This is very useful when you are running heavy discounts on your items to avoid people from taking advantage of any hack when it comes to promotions and discounts.

Refund Genie – Use this tool when you are already selling in Amazon for 90 days or more. The tool tells you how much Amazon may owe you from inventory that Amazon may have lost or damaged in their warehouse.

Profits – To track the progress of all of your most important Amazon business financial data.

Other Helium 10 tools.

ASIN Grabber – Part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension. Run this tool in an Amazon search results page and get a snapshot of estimated data such as price, BSR and review count of ASINs in that search results page. You can use the initial estimated data you have gathered and compare it when you run the tool again in another time of year or season to see how well the ASINs or products are doing.

Inventory Levels - Part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension. Get an estimate of how much inventory an ASIN/product listing has.

When users log into their Helium 10 accounts, they can learn more about how each tool works by selecting the blue "Learn" button along the top of the screen in the Dashboard. Many tools will have one or more training videos that instruct the users on how to use the tools effectively.

Additionally, users can gain more insight into how particular Helium 10 tools work in our Helium 10 Pro Training series by visiting our blog or our YouTube Channel.  

Lastly, we've also created a Facebook series called "Ask Me Anything" or "AMA" where we go about using the most out of the Helium 10 tools. You can check the Facebook series here.

For further questions or concerns regarding Helium 10, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I hope this helps.

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