How Does Helium 10 Get Its Data?

Helium 10 makes every effort to provide you with the most accurate data at our disposal.

The data that we provide within certain tools such as PROFITS, REFUND GENIE, FOLLOW-UP, INVENTORY PROTECTOR, and ALERTS is derived from Amazon’s API. While the refund amounts within REFUND GENIE are still estimates, we are confident about the trustworthiness of data that comes from Amazon’s API. PROFITS data is derived from Amazon’s API and represents actual Amazon data.

 For all other data, our technology team monitors and parses through extensive data on a daily basis, transforming that raw data through multiple artificial intelligence and machine learning models. The final results are our best interpretation of performance estimations, sales estimations, keyword search volume or relevance estimation, product rank estimation, and so forth.

Lastly, the manner and method of Helium 10’s data gathering process is done using proprietary algorithms, thus we are not able to share how we gather the data that you see inside your Helium 10 dashboard. We do highly assure you that the tools are extremely accurate and you can use them with confidence


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