How to Delete a Market in Market Tracker 360

In Market Tracker 360 (MT360), you have the option to delete a market you've created. Your reasons for doing this can vary. Your number of available markets depends on your plan and you might need to free up a slot. Maybe you've already finished your analysis of a market and no longer need the data. Regardless of your reasons, follow the steps provided in this article to delete your market. 

NOTE: Deleting a market cannot be undone. It's important to note that you cannot recover a market once it has been deleted. 

1. You can delete a market from within the settings menu in MT360. To access your market settings, click on the gear icon next to the market that you'd like to delete.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the market settings page and select Delete Market

3. A confirmation window will appear asking if you are sure that you would like to permanently delete this market. If you are sure, select Yes, delete this market

4. MT360 will delete the market and return you to your market list to show you that the market has been removed. 

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