Adtomic Account Overview

The Adtomic Account Overview page displays a high-level overview of all your current PPC data for a selected time period across all accessible PPC profiles within your account. You will find key metrics here for all profiles within your account as well as Brand Performance metrics for your specific Brands.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Navigating Adtomic Account Overview
  • Adtomic Account Overview Sections
  • Brand Performance

Navigating Adtomic Account Overview

At the top right of the Adtomic Account Overview page, you will see a filter for changing the date range (or lookback window).

Adtomic Account Overview Sections

Within the Adtomic Account Overview, you will see the following sections:

Account Performance

Once you have selected your date range, you will see a high-level overview of the following metrics across all accounts for your selected lookback window and selected accounts:

PPC Spend ACoS

The smaller numbers next to the larger numbers represent a comparison of the previous period of your selected lookback window (i.e., if you have the Latest 7 Days selected, the smaller number will be the 7 days prior to that).

You can choose different metrics to view across all your accounts by clicking on the  next to each metric. The following metrics are also available to select:

Impressions Clicks

For a brief explanation of these metrics, you can reference the Amazon Glossary articles.

Brand Performance

In this section, you will be able to select your specific Brand(s) and a specific Category (or multiple Categories) as well as a specific Time Period to determine how your brand is performing. In this section, you will see the following details:

  • Brand Performance Overview
    • Shopper Engagement Rate
    • Customer Conversion Rate
    • % New-to-Brand Customers
  • Awareness
    Awareness measures the number of shoppers who searched for your brand but didn’t engage with it.
    • Brand Searches Only
    • Total Shoppers
  • Consideration
    Consideration measures shoppers who visited your detail page directly or after searching for your brand, or those who didn't buy but added your items to their cart.
    • Detail Page View Only
    • Brand Searches & Detail Page Views
    • Add to Cart
    • Total Shoppers
  • Purchased
    Purchased measures the number of shoppers who purchased from your brand or those with Subscribe & Save subscriptions.
    • Top 10% & S&S Customers
    • All Other Brand Customers
    • Total Shoppers

For a high-level overview of PPC data and performance for a specific account and marketplace, visit the Adtomic Dashboard page to view performance across individual portfolios, campaigns, ad groups, and more!

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