China Plan Entitlements

This article details Helium 10 plan entitlements for China-based users. If you're looking for the standard Helium 10 plans, review this article

From seasoned sellers to new entrepreneurs, Helium 10 caters to diverse needs. Our plans provide varying levels of access to software tools at fixed prices, accommodating businesses at different stages. Each plan is detailed here to assist you in choosing the right fit for your business and budget. Switching plans is easy; just reach out to customer service

Use our pricing page dedicated to users in China to help you determine which plan is the best fit for your needs.

Note: Users on any plan can purchase additional subaccounts and tokens as an add-on.

Explorer Entrepreneur Professional

You can access all the training and tools you need to start your business with the Explorer (探索版) plan. This plan is made to help you with your research and product launches without breaking the bank.

In addition, one of the most attractive components of this plan is that individuals can learn from the success of other sellers by accessing the Freedom Ticket course

Tool Conditions
Freedom Ticket Full Access
Black Box 20 Uses
Xray (Chrome Extension) Full Access
Cerebro 2 Daily Uses
Magnet 2 Daily Uses
Frankenstein 30 Day Trial
Scribbles 30 Day Trial
Listing Analyzer 2 Monthly Uses
Alerts 2 ASINs
Inventory Management 30 Day Trial
Market Tracker 1 Market
Profits Full Access
Multi-User Login 1 User
Connected Accounts 2 Tokens


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