Cerebro: How to See the Top Clicked and Purchased Products for a Keyword Using Amazon Brand Analytics Data

What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) provides information about a specific keyword, revealing the top three products that received clicks along with the corresponding click share percentage and purchase share percentage.

Why is this Important?

All keywords are not created equal. Some keywords are much more successful at driving sales than others. These metrics can help you identify keywords with bad listings, which are more susceptible to a good product with a good listing taking over the keyword sales.

How to Use ABA Metrics

Perform a search in Cerebro, and the metrics at the bottom will have two ABA columns: ABA Total Click Share and ABA Total Conversion Share.

ABA Total Click Share is the percentage of clicks the top 3 products received for this keyword.

ABA Total Conversion Share is the percentage of sales the top 3 products received for this keyword.

The keywords with high click shares and low conversion shares present the biggest opportunities. This means these listings get clicks, but customers end up clicking out of them and choosing something else. You can also use this data to check on your own products to measure your click share and conversion rates.

Clicking on the graph icon in the ABA Total Click Share column will display a more detailed breakdown of this data with historical data points for you to analyze.



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