Listing Builder AI - Write it for Me

We're excited to introduce the "Write it for me" feature in our Helium 10 Listing Builder AI Beta. This powerful tool helps you generate content for your Amazon listings quickly and easily, based on your product attributes and top-performing keywords from your keyword bank.

How to use "Write it for me"

To use the "Write it for me" feature, simply follow these steps:

  • To begin enjoying the benefits of this feature, you must first acknowledge the disclaimer on the Listing Builder AI Beta.
  • Input your product attributes and relevant information. The more information you enter, the better the generated content will be.
    • We recommend adding detailed information in the following fields:
      • Product Characteristics
      • Product Name
      • Target Audience
      • Brand Name
  • Click the Write it for me button.
  • The tool will generate content for your listing, including the title, bullet points, and product description.
  • Important: review and edit the generated content before using it in your Amazon Listings.


While our Listing Builder AI Beta strives to deliver accurate and relevant content, the output generated is automated and may not always be perfect. We strongly advise reviewing and editing the generated content before incorporating it into your Amazon listings. Helium 10 is not responsible for and does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes from using our auto-generated content. As the seller, you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and legality of your Amazon listings.

By acknowledging and using the "Write it for me" feature, you agree to these terms and understand that the responsibility for your Amazon listing content lies with you as the seller.

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