What Does the CPR Score Mean?

The original CPR number was calculated based on discounted giveaways using coupon codes and a two-step url. It drew its data primarily from the number of competitors and average sales volume.

Today, though, sellers are using promotional full price Search-Find-Buy services and PPC to drive their advertising, and discovering that they only need to sell a much smaller number of products in a shorter period of time to reach their ranking goals.

The 2021 Helium 10 CPR Score was developed and tested on more than 1,400 keywords, and depends on additional factors including keyword search volume, use of the keyword in titles and listings, and even the age of a competitor listing. Preliminary use cases have shown this CPR score has a high 88% accuracy rate. 

The 2021 CPR consists of two different numbers. The first CPR score displays in tools like Magnet and Cerebro. This number is a Static CPR number. It is calculated using a basic set of guidelines, and stays fairly conservative, especially when some of the data, like the listing origination date of a product, is unknown. Keep in mind that the 2021 CPR Score works only for those keywords for which your product is not currently ranking on the first page or not in place 1-16 of a keyword’s search results at the time of the search.

Static CPR Score

1. Open Magnet or Cerebro. In this example, Magnet is used.cpr1_copy.png

2. Type in a keyword and hit enter or the Get Keywords button.


3. Sellers familiar with the original CPR score will be surprised to see how many fewer products they need to give away in a Search-Find-Buy promotion than they did with regular discounted coupons. For example, in the case below, the keyword “halloween kitchen,” with a monthly search volume of 1,000 and more than 10,000 competitors, would have had a much higher CPR number than the current Search-Find-Buy method recommendation of just 28 giveaways. The keyword "coffin shelf" would require just 42 giveaways, if a competing product was not already ranked in the top 16.


The most exciting thing about this 2021 CPR Score is its inclusion in the Keyword Tracker tool. Let’s review how the Dynamic CPR Score works.


Dynamic CPR Score

The Dynamic CPR score is more aggressive in its projections and takes into consideration additional criteria like the current rank of your product, which other products are on page one for a specific keyword, how many of the products have the keyword in their title, and even how old your own listing is. 

You will need to have previously set up your keyword tracker and added tracked keywords to your product.  Again, this score assumes that your product is not ranking in the top 16 products at the time of the search. If your product already ranks in the top 16, the CPR column will display N/A.

1. Open Keyword Tracker and click on the product for which you want to see the CPR Score for your tracked keywords.


2. In your keyword list, find the CPR column where Keyword Tracker displays the current Dynamic CPR Score.


Experience teaches sellers that online buyers rarely search beyond the first, sometimes second, page of product search results when they are shopping. Products that do not rank in the top simply don’t get seen by customers. The 2021 CPR Score shows you the number of products you need to sell via Search-Find-Buy to get that product to the top of the search results page, and to ultimately drive up your organic sales.


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