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How Long Does It Take to Get My Results?

Typically, Audience begins posting feedback within minutes after a poll is submitted. Factors like the type of poll, as well as the size and conditions of the audience, can all impact the time. For example, the larger or the more focused the audience, the more time it typically takes to get the full set of responses. 

As you are setting up your poll, Audience will notify you if the details might add to the time it takes to gather all the responses. Audience sends you an email as soon as the poll results are complete.

Can I Poll an International Audience?

Audience currently only polls U.S.-based residents, but Helium 10 is exploring the possibility of including respondents from other countries as a future possibility.

How Can I Be Sure That My Polls and Their Results Are Private?

Helium 10 is committed to protecting your data. All panel respondents must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when they go through the approval process. No results will be indexed by Google or other search engines.

How Much Does a Poll Cost?

The final price depends on a number of factors, but the base price starts at USD 50.00 for a simple single-question poll with 50 responses ($1.00 per response). The price increases with each added condition, like targeting specific types of respondents by age or gender. As you create your poll, the total price adjusts at the bottom of the screen.

How Do I Know that the Same Respondent Isn’t Answering My Poll Multiple Times?

Respondents can only answer an individual poll one time, on a first-come basis. Depending on how specific your conditions are for respondents, you may get responses from the same panelists on different polls. For example, if you always target 100 respondents who are age 50 and above, with incomes of $100,000+, and who fish on a regular basis, your pool of respondents will be much smaller than a broader pool of 50 Prime members. When you target a particularly niche audience, the number of respondents that match your requirements shrinks. 

How Reliable Are the Respondent’s Votes and Comments?

Helium 10 maintains a high standard for the consistency and quality of a respondent’s answers. Respondents who are identified as sub-standard or unreliable, based on customer feedback, are removed from the pool of respondents.

What Kind of Poll Should I Create?

All polls begin with a question. Sellers commonly use Audience to get feedback on a product’s main image or the listing copy. The question field has a 255 character limit, but Helium 10 suggests keeping the question simple and direct. Experience with polls like this suggests that respondents give the best, most productive feedback when the question is focused and clear.

How Do I Interpret Close or Tied Poll Results?

When the results of a poll do not show a clear winner or a favorite among respondents, it can be due to several reasons. Possibilities include:

  • Respondents did not see a notable difference between the choices.
  • Equal numbers of respondents preferred each of the choices.
  • None of the options were distinct enough.
  • Based on the question, the purpose of the poll was unclear.
  • The audience size was too small, and/or the audience criteria too broad.

Close results require a deeper analysis of the respondents’ comments. Read through what they wrote carefully. Some questions you can ask yourself include:

  • Did respondents find the question or the purpose of the poll confusing? 
  • Did some of the respondents seem to demonstrate a better understanding of the question and/or product? 
  • Did respondents report something unappealing about one (or both) of the choices that drove them to choose the alternate choice? 
  • Are the respondents sincerely interested in the product, or does the poll need a larger or more focused sample of respondents? 

What can you do if the results and comments are inconclusive? 

Once you’ve read through the comments, determine what drove respondents to choose one option over the other(s). 

If the poll options are too similar, you may want to change one of them enough to make them more distinct, and then run a new poll. Or you may want to create a new option that incorporates the audience comments about the existing options. 

If the poll audience does not seem to be likely customers of your product, you may want to add more respondents or run another poll, with more specific criteria for the respondents, narrowing their age group, gender, education level, or interests to those most relevant to your ideal customer.

Are There Restrictions on What I Can Ask in a Poll?

Audience is designed to quickly collect marketing information about the appealing nature of products, their images and their ad copy. It is not designed to be used to solicit respondents’ personal information or to ask them to do anything other than share their immediate reaction to a simple compare-and-contrast question. 

Asking for any of the following information is expressly prohibited, and if an inappropriate question is flagged by a respondent, unfortunately, the poll may be stopped.


  • Do NOT ask respondents to go to external sites.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to complete external forms.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to sign up for other services.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to create reviews or ratings on an external site.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to vote in contests on another site.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to purchase anything.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to take extended time to review complicated images or answer complicated questions.
  • Do NOT ask respondents to answer a poll with missing/incorrect information or images.

Respondents have been instructed to notify us if a poll asks a question requiring more than a simple, straight-forward opinion. Keep the purpose and design of Audience in mind as you create your poll, and you’ll be able to gather good customer feedback and data, fast. Misuse of the software will result in poor and/or inconclusive data, annoy the respondents, and risk the shutdown of a poll before it is complete.

For more information about creating an effective poll, read “How Do I Ensure Good Data from My Polls?” 


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