How Do I Use the Sales Estimator in the Chrome Extension?


Many of the products on Amazon are sold by more than one seller. Amazon rotates the coveted Buy Box between the FBA sellers who are within 2% of the Prime Offer price. Sellers who price the product higher than the competitors or who fulfil orders via MFN can still sell their products, but they are less likely to hold the Buy Box. 

Because most buyers tend to purchase from a seller with the Buy Box, that means the majority of sales are ultimately shared by those few FBA sellers who sell at the same or close to the Buy Box price.

Wholesale sellers looking for an opportunity to compete by selling an existing product with existing sellers, can use the Chrome Extension Sales Estimator to quickly calculate the potential earnings, if they chose to become one of the competitive sellers.

1. The Sales Estimator is located on a product listing page, under the main image and description of the product, and Helium 10 Chrome Extension BSR graph. Its purpose is to calculate the potential sales and revenue of a product.


2. To see all of the individual sellers, you can check the information posted under the listing’s Buy Box.


3. Click on the Other Sellers on Amazon tab to open a complete list of both FBA and MFN sellers.


Although there are five sellers on this listing, only two of them meet Amazon’s criteria for the Buy Box. The Sales Estimator feeds that information into the Sales Estimator.


4. To calculate the potential estimated monthly sales and estimated new revenue, add yourself as a potential competitive seller (in this case, change the number of Competitive offers from 2 to 3), and click the blue Launch Sales Estimator button.


5. Within seconds, the Sales Estimator will display your potential share of the overall sales and revenue for the product, if you also sell the product at the Buy Box price and use FBA to fulfill orders.


6. To view the total estimated sales and revenue for all of the sellers, you can run Xray. If you want to roughly verify the Sales Estimator numbers, you can simply divide the total sales and/or revenue by the number of Competitive FBA offers.


The Helium 10 Chrome Extension Sales Estimator is a tool that speeds up your product research, saving you time and effort. To learn about the separate, and more comprehensive product research calculator, the Profitability Calculator, also part of the Chrome Extension, check out the article, “How Do I Use the Profitability Calculator?


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