How Do I Use the Filters and Advanced Features in Xray?


This tutorial takes you on a tour through the advanced filters and features of Xray. If you want an overview of the software, be sure to check out our Overview article and video on Xray.

One of the dynamic features of Xray is the ability it gives you to begin filtering Amazon search results without even exporting the information out to other tools like Magnet.

1. While you are also logged into Helium 10, start a search on Amazon using a keyword relevant to your research. Once the results have loaded, open Xray from inside the Chrome Extension drop-down menu. Note that in addition to the breakdown of data into columns, Xray also includes additional options for filtering, expanding and saving the data.


2. Inside Xray, click on Filter Results to open the Filters menu. This set of filters borrows many of the key filters found in Magnet, allowing you to set the conditions of your Xray search to meet your personal preferences, while you are still on Amazon.


3. The first two columns of filters let you establish minimum and maximum parameters for the retail price, estimated sales, estimated revenue, number of active sellers, ratings, shipping weight, reviews, and FBA fees.


If you set the Retail Price to fall between USD 25.00 and USD 35.00 and apply the filter, as done in this example, then the results Xray displays changes to include the data of only 26 out of the original 59 products displayed on the Amazon search results page. These products will all be priced between USD 25.00 and USD 35.00. This applied filter also impacts the total revenue, average revenue, average BSR and Average number of reviews shown at the top of the window, allowing you to view or save a report with just a list of products that meet your price criteria.


4. The third column of options let’s you narrow your results using the drop-down menus.


5. You can also filter results to only show products that contain specific words in their titles, by using the Title Keyword Search field. Always click the Clear Filters button to remove previous criteria, and the Apply Filters button to change the criteria.


In this example, filtering for products that contain the search term “coffin shelf” results in Xray identifying only nine of 59 products.


6. If you want Xray to pull the data for products ranking even lower than what can be found on the first page or so, click the Load More Results button at the bottom of the window. The number of products displayed will increase each time you click the button. Keep in mind that adding products will impact the top level data displayed at the top of the window. 


7. Click on the Pin icon to open your Helium 10 My List in the Helium 10 Dashboard to see the products you previously added (using the Pin icon column in the chart, or take a picture of the data using the Camera icon.


When you use the Camera icon, Xray blurs the sensitive details so that you can share Xray’s results with other sellers or employees for evaluation, while hiding the actual search term and products from your file.


8. Finally, you can download all the displayed data using the download icon. This file will include all the products and their relevant data loaded into a spreadsheet. Once you have set all the filters to your desired criteria, click the Download CSV report icon.


This report contains all the filtered data.


To learn more about Xray or the other tools in the Chrome Extension check out the articles and videos listed under our Product Research section of the Helium 10 Knowledge Base. 


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