How Do I Create Or Edit Negative Keyword Rules?


In addition to creating rules for keywords, Adtomic allows you to create rules for negative keywords.

1. Inside Adtomic, go to the Ad Manager dashboard. Click on the cog in the Rules column for the campaign in which you want to create negative keyword rules.


2. In the Rules for Campaign window, click the + Add Rule button.


3. Type in a name for the rule you are creating. It’s important that it be specific enough that you can remember the conditions of the rule when you see it later.


4. Using the drop-down menu under Select a Rule type, choose “Find poor performing search terms & ASINs” to create a rule for identifying negative keywords.


5. If you want to set specific thresholds on the search term performance, either in clicks or spend, check the Use Threshold box and enter your values. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked. Adtomic will use its own algorithms to manage thresholds.


6. If you want the rule you are creating to add Negative Keywords automatically, activate the toggle switch next to Automate. Helium 10 recommends waiting to automate new rule(s) until you are sure the rule is producing the results you want.


7. Search Term Criteria. Although not reflected within the video, this step is a great way to isolate specific search terms. Under ‘Search Term Criteria’ enter in a list of keywords to include or exclude. 

If you wish to include search terms, click “Contains”

If you wish to exclude a search term, click “Does NOT” contain

Toggle “Automate” on if you wish to automatically apply suggestions this Rule will create. Leave “off” to manually apply recommendations this Rule will create on the Suggestions page.



8. Next, use the drop down menu to add the Ad Groups for which you want the new negative keyword rule to apply.


9. After the ad groups are tagged for this new rule, you will need to decide which targets and which match types for which you want Adtomic to make suggestions.


10. To select a match type to target, click on the gray-colored match type icon (Auto, Phrase, Exact or ASIN). The icon becomes dark red when it has been selected. 


11. The last step is to click the blue Create Rule button. Adtomic will then display the updated Rules for Campaign window with the new negative keyword rule in place. After 24 hours, you should start to see new suggestions appearing in the Suggestions page of Adtomic.



Would you like to learn how to create NewKeyword Rules? Check out this tutorial for more information.


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