How Do I Access and Interpret Xray Data for Listings with Variations?


Interpreting the information provided by Xray on Amazon products with variations (size and/or color) creates special challenges. Amazon only reveals data on the total sales of a listing, not data on each variation of a listing. That limitation hinders the analysis Xray can provide, relative to individual variation sales and revenue. In this tutorial, Bradley Sutton reviews variation listings and recommends the best way to decipher the data.



When a product listing has variations, either in colors or sizes, Xray signals that information with an action arrow next to the product image that allows you to see those variations by opening them, accordion-style, under the primary product.


1. Click the small arrow next to the image under product details to open the complete list of variations, accordion-style.


Products with variations create interpretation issues with the data. BSR, among other points of data, is based on the entire listing, rather than on each individual variation of a product. Therefore, the BSR includes all of the variations’ sales as a sum.


2. You can better see the individual variations by clicking on the linked ASIN to open the Amazon product page. On the product page, all of the variations appear under the title. (Clicking on each variation brings it to the forefront so a customer can add it to their shopping cart.)


3. Open Xray while you are still on the product page, and then look at the Sales column. Since Amazon ranks listings, not individual products, the BSR will be the same for all variations on the listing, regardless of how many different sizes or colors make up the listing. 

Because Xray’s estimated sales revenue is based on the number of sales (which is a total of all sales from the listing) times the individual variation price, it is not possible to know the individual sales revenue for each variation on a listing.


4. The data in the Revenue column varies because it is simply the multiplication of each variation’s price with the combined number of estimated sales for all the variations. While Xray’s estimated revenue for products without variations is good data, that data becomes problematic for products with variations. There is no method to accurately estimate which variations are more popular and, potentially, generating the most sales.


Still, to learn an insider trick on calculating which variations are selling the best for a listing, check out: "Review Insights PRO Training Video: How Do I See Which Product Variations Sell the Best?"



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