What Are the Differences Between the Adtomic Product Lifecycle Stages?

The most important decisions you make when launching new ads are determining which products you're going to advertise and why. The most effective PPC strategies are goal-oriented.

In most cases, we suggest putting all products that are relevant to the same search terms in one product group. This strategy minimizes conflicts between campaigns and ad groups that compete for the same placements. It also concentrates your spend, so that you can make the best decisions on each keyword, instead of spreading the data over many keywords. 

The Lifecycle Stage is critical for setting the right targets. In the Launch phase, you'll be more concerned with maximizing exposure and less concerned with profitability. After some time, you'll want to switch to Scale so that you can grow your products profitably. At the end of a product's lifecycle, you'll want to clear out inventory, so you don't pay for storage

Adtomic’s advanced PPC management software helps you accomplish specific goals regarding your products and Amazon advertising. The software offers several guided approaches or templates for setting up a PPC campaign. Each template is designed to help you achieve different advertising goals. 


Launch Scale Liquidate

Adtomic’s custom Launch template optimizes impressions by: 

  • allowing for more leeway for poor sales performance, if the impressions on a given keyword are high, and
  • raising bids more rapidly on keywords that are not getting impressions in an attempt to kickstart those keywords.

This optimization method will drive lots of spend and it’s likely the ROI won’t be immediately apparent, since performance is not the immediate goal. This template helps sellers maximize their visibility in the market, especially for new products.


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