How Do I Manage My Helium 10 Account Two-Factor Authentication?

For the security of its users' accounts, Helium 10 encourages sellers to activate Two-Factor Authentication. 

1. To access your two-factor authentication settings, go to your Helium 10 Dashboard and click on your profile to open the drop-down account menu.


2. Inside your Settings page, find the section labeled two-factor authentication, and choose your preferred method. This method is also how you change or disable two-factor authentication. Click the Save button.


3. The next time you log into your account, you will get a request for your Helium 10 code. Check your smart phone, email or app for the code. You will have just a couple of minutes to enter the code before it times out.


4. Enter the code you receive into the Code field and click the Log In button.


With two-factor authentication enabled, you can feel more confident about the security of your account. To read more about the importance of securing your account login with two-factor authentication, check out our blog article "Helium 10 Update: New Security Upgrade Coming Your Way!"


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