Prestozon Subscriptions, Payments and Cancellations

Can I Get a Prestozon Invoice?

We charge via Amazon Pay, so your email receipt will have come from them. Note that we charge subscription costs at the start of the billing cycle, and automation costs at the end. A list of payments to Prestozon will be listed if you log in to with the same email you use to log in to Prestozon.

You can also login to Prestozon to see your account(s) subscription status (dropdown at top right) and ad spend breakdown per marketplace, which will be relevant if you use automation.

28 May 2019


How Do I Close My Prestozon Account?

If you have a subscription to Prestozon that you want to cancel, simply navigate to the Accounts menu by clicking on the circle icon in the top right. For each subscription you have, you will see the option to "cancel account" at the bottom right of that account's section. Make sure to cancel each account that you want to close. 

You will then be reverted to the free trial version of Prestozon at the next billing cycle (if you'd like to cancel immediately rather than at the end of the billing cycle, you can message If you'd like to revoke API access, follow the directions here

28 May 2019


How Do I Use My Prestozon Referral Code?

In the upgrade process, just click on "Have a referral code?", enter the code, and hit "Apply code". Don't forget to also select a payment method and click "Subscribe"! 


And because we like it when people read our Knowledge Base, use KNOWLEDGE for a two weeks in case you don't already have a referral code.

8 October 2019


Can I Change My Prestozon Subscription Tier?

If your ad spend increased past your current tier's limits, don't worry. Your service won't be interrupted and automation will continue as normal. We'll just charge you for the appropriate tier the next month. 

If you would like to downgrade your tier, just send us a support ticket and we'll assist you.

28 May 2019


Do You Have Special Prestozon Pricing for Agencies?

Yes! We love working with agencies, partners and consultants and we offer special partner pricing as well additional benefits for our Prestozon Agency Partner Network. Send a message to and we'll set something up for you.

27 January 2020


I Have Friends I Think Would Like Prestozon. Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

We do! Send a message to and we'll set something up for you.

28 May 2019


How Many Accounts/Marketplaces/Brands Does a Prestozon Subscription Cover?

Each subscription covers one account ID. Generally for sellers, North American marketplaces are covered under one account ID and European marketplaces are covered under a different ID. This means you will need two subscriptions if you have NA and EU marketplaces.


For vendors using AMS, each brand has its own ID. You will need a subscription for each brand you own.

28 May 2019


How Do I Revoke Prestozon’s API Access?

1. It’s simple. Log in to Amazon and navigate to Your Account.


2. Then go to Manage Login with Amazon.


3. Find Prestozon and click Remove.


This link should bring you directly to the API page: 

22 October 2019


What Does the Prestozon Free Tier Include?

You can use the whole Prestozon product for one campaign. If you would like to have a different campaign for the trial, message us and we'll change it from the automatically selected one.

Go ahead and turn on Automation so you can see how you like it! We hope you'll come to trust Prestozon's decision making and subscribe so you can use Automation on your whole account.

As soon as you upgrade, we'll remove the campaign filter restriction and you can explore your whole account with Prestozon.

21 May 2019


How Can I Tell What I'll Be Charged Next Month for Prestozon?

If you navigate to the circle user menu at the top right, click, and select "Accounts" you can see the next time you'll be charged and the amount of the charge.

21 May 2019


How Do I Change My Prestozon Payment Information?

To change your payment information, go to the account screen by pressing the user icon and then selecting "Accounts" in the drop down:


You can then select the "Update Payment Method" in the bottom left corner of the account you want to update:


This will bring you to the screen where you can enter your new payment method:


18 May 2020


How Do I Upgrade from My Prestozon Free Trial?

You can upgrade your account by selecting the user icon in the top right of the application and selecting the account link in the drop down. You can then upgrade your account by selecting the upgrade button:


From there, you can enter your payment information and get back to your PPC optimization with Prestozon.

18 June 2019


I Just Got a Prestozon Promo Code; How Do I Apply It When I Sign Up?

You can upgrade your Prestozon access with a promo code in six quick and easy steps:

1. Go to and Sign In.

2. Click Allow on the Amazon Log In Page, this will load Prestozon.

3. Next Select the ad account + marketplace from the drop down and click the pink upgrade button (see screenshots below) "Pro" plan is the default.


4. Click “Have a referral code”.


5. Enter your Promo Code: YOURCODE  into the Referral Code field and Click “Apply".


6. On the confirmation screen you will see your promo code and the pricing and Click “Subscribe".

7 December 2020


How Do I Cancel a Paid Prestozon Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by selecting the user icon in the top right of the application and selecting the account link in the drop down:


You can then cancel by selecting cancel subscription below: 


19 July 2019


I'm an Agency Partner; How Do I Upgrade New Prestozon Accounts?

Welcome to Prestozon! Prestozon inherits all of your permissions from Amazon; we will automatically import your accounts into the system (if you don't see a particular account, let us know over at All accounts are imported as free trial accounts by default. You can upgrade your accounts by following these steps:

Select the "Accounts" button to find the accounts associated with your user:


Select the account you want to upgrade:


Click the Have a referral code link:


Enter your referral or admin promo code:


When you press apply code, you'll see a confirmation. Confirm that the account is correct and then you can press subscribe.


You're all set! This account is now upgraded. You can do this for each account you want to manage with Prestozon and it will automatically be added to your agency billing account. Subscriptions are per account and per user. We do this so that you can choose exactly what accounts and users are on your paid account. You can use your admin code to upgrade any account you like, only accounts upgraded with your admin code will be used to calculate your spend for payment. We currently don’t charge extra for multiple users on an account either, so you can use the admin code for multiple users on a single account and you won’t get charged extra for that account.

7 December 2020


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