How Do I Navigate the Prestozon Product Features?

What Does the Coloring Mean in Prestozon's Analytics?

The ACOS column in Analytics is color coded based on the ACOS target you set in Prestozon's Campaign Manager.

  • Green - below target

  • Yellow - above target but below 2x target

  • Red - above 2x target

CTR is also color coded based on what we've seen as good and bad performance across Amazon ads

  • Green - above 0.4%

  • Yellow - above 0.2% but below 0.4%

  • Red - below 0.2%

28 May 2019


How Do I Add and Remove Filters in Prestozon?

To filter by campaign or ad group in Analytics, simply navigate to the campaign/ad group filter at the top of the screen and start typing the names of the campaigns or ad groups you'd like to restrict your search to and hit enter or click on the entry.  


To remove them, click the "x" at the right of the campaign name or hit backspace if your cursor is in the search box.


For metrics filters, click the filter button at the top right of the analytics table, set up the filter you want, then click "Add".


28 May 2019


How Do I Automatically Apply Bid Suggestions in Prestozon?

This is Prestozon's best feature. Simply slide the "Automation" toggle for the campaigns you want to turn Automation on for and click "Apply Changes" at the top. 


You won't see bid recommendations for these campaigns in Bid Wizard any more because the recommendations are applied as soon as we have them ready.

28 May 2019


What Is the ACoS Target Used For in Prestozon? Does It Apply to All Ad Groups and Keywords in That Campaign?

Yes, the ACOS target you set in Prestozon's Campaign Manager applies to all ad groups and keywords in that campaign. 

For manual campaigns, we use the ACOS target to recommend bid changes in Bid Wizard which are then used in Automation.

For both manual and automatic campaigns, we use the ACOS target to recommend negative keywords in the Negative Keyword Wizard. We also use it to color code the ACOS column in Analytics. 

28 May 2019


I Changed My ACoS Target Yesterday in Prestozon and It's Back to What It Was Before! What Happened?

Make sure to click the pink "Apply changes" button at the top of the page after you're done editing your ACoS target, turning on Automation, or accepting bid and negative keyword recommendations. 

28 May 2019


Can I Export Data from Prestozon?

You can.  The export button in the upper right of any analytics page will allow you to export the current data based on the selected ranges and filters:


You can export from the campaign, ad group, keyword (which includes both keywords and PAT targets) and ASIN explorer tabs.

When you select the export button, a popup will allow you to review your selected date range and filters like so:


If everything looks according to your specifications, you can start the export and the data will be sent to you via e-mail. To change the date range or filters, close the export dialog and change those options on the Analytics page.

11 June 2019


How Do I Create a Sponsored Brand Campaign Creation in Prestozon?

You can now create Sponsored Brand Campaigns in Prestozon using the 1-Click Setup:


Sponsored Brand Campaign creation comes with a few restrictions:

  • Creation must occur in conjunction with the creation of Sponsored Product campaigns.  There is currently no way to only create a Sponsored Brand campaign in Prestozon.
  • The Amazon API is still limited for Sponsored Brand campaigns.  For that reason, rules are still unavailable for those campaigns.
  • Sponsored Brands Video is not supported over the API.  You will not see any Sponsored Brands Video campaigns in Prestozon if you have any.

28 June 2020


Can I Add Keywords to Existing Campaigns in Prestozon?

There is not a way to add positive keywords manually into existing campaigns on the Prestozon platform.  We only allow manual adding of keywords during the campaign creation process.

For negative keywords, you can manually add them via the Amazon portal.  Or, if you are negating specific search terms, you can press the "NEG" button next to the search term in the search term explorer to bring up our negative keyword creation wizard.

19 July 2019


I'm an Author. Is it Possible to Use CTR as My Target Metric Instead of ACoS with Prestozon?

Expanding our support for authors is a big initiative for us this year and the importance of CTR for authors isn't lost on us.

We've actually just started talking about getting the rules to work on a CTR threshold as an option rather than using conversions. We have added this to our product roadmap but development timelines have not been scoped out yet. In the meantime, we suggest living in the search term explorer. This aggregates your search terms across your account and gives you the aggregated metrics. We don't have an export for this yet, but we suggest just copying and pasting this into excel to manipulate it. Specifically, sort by CTR.  Even with this manual process, it's going to save you tons of time scouring through search term reports across the whole account.


Here's the best way to grab the data from the explorer:

If you do that, it should copy/paste cleanly into excel and you can manipulate as needed.

Beyond that, the rules will still add a ton of value as conversion is still a great metric for authors (just not the only one) and then we'll have the CTR triggers for the rules eventually.

From a bid optimization standpoint, we use an ACoS target on the campaign level. We suggest setting a higher ACoS target (70-100% range or even higher possibly) as authors are getting revenue from reads and not just conversions which is different than the product world in Amazon. Hopefully, Amazon will surface some more KDP metrics on the API soon and we'll be able to take that stuff into account too!!!

17 June 2020


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