Prestozon FAQs

What Amazon Marketplaces Does Prestozon Support?

Prestozon works for all Amazon marketplaces available through the Amazon Ads API which includes: North America (Canada, Mexico and the US), Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK) as well as Japan, India, Australia and UAE. Unfortunately, China and the Netherlands are not currently supported through the Amazon Ads API. 

Your accounts in other markets will be separated so that you get a dashboard for each profile (ex: US, Canada, and Europe). You can toggle easily between them using the drop down selector in the upper right corner.

17 March 2020

Is My Data Safe with Prestozon?

Yes. As long-time software professionals who have spent years building enterprise financial software, we take security seriously. We don't have access to your Amazon credentials, so we can only see what you agree to share and no one can steal your password from us.

We use two-factor authentication internally whenever we access our systems to prevent social engineering based attacks. And when we communicate with you or Amazon we use encryption protocols meeting industry-leading data safety standards and that support perfect forward secrecy (PFS).

We will never share or sell your data.

20 May 2019

Is There a Place I Can Talk with Other Prestozon Users?

Yes! We have a friendly, active Facebook group.

Just request to join. We'd love to have you!

You can find more details on the Prestozon community on Facebook here

The Prestozon Agency Partner Network has it's own private LinkedIn Group where you can connect with your peers, get agency partner exclusive content, referrals and leads! If you're a current Agency Partner join us here.

If you're an author, publisher or involved with Amazon KDP we have an author focused community on Facebook, join the Prestozon Authors Group here.

28 May 2020

Prestozon Product Walkthroughs

Here's a video walkthrough of the application with our founder:

Most sections of the Prestozon product have video walkthrough introductions at the top right. 

If you can't access those videos on the page for any reason, you can access them directly from these links:

Bid Wizard -

Analytics -

Campaign Manager -

 Creating and Editing Rules -

10 September 2019

Can I Use Prestozon on Multiple Devices?

Yes! Just use your Amazon credentials on any device and you'll be logged into your Prestozon account.

We do recommend using Prestozon on a laptop or desktop computer, though. There's a lot of data and it can be hard to see it all on a smaller screen.

21 May 2019


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