How Will the Helium 10 ADS / Prestozon Merger Affect Me?

Will My Prestozon/ADS Settings Port Over to the New Platform?
Yes. All system settings will be transferred over. If you use both Helium 10 ADS and Prestozon, we will reach out to ask which settings you want to port to the new product.
Will the Pricing Options for Prestozon Change?
Currently Prestozon and Helium 10 are behaving as separate entities. We will have a unified pricing structure when we are ready to launch the new platform.
Should I Use ADS or Prestozon During the Merger?
Both systems are viable. As a general rule of thumb, Prestozon allows for more customization for advanced, enterprise and agency users, whereas ADS is easier to jump into quickly. It is a matter of personal preference. If you’re currently using either platform and would like to try the alternative, you can sign up as normal. Helium 10 has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try out ADS and cancel for a full refund. If you want to try out Prestozon you can use the code KNOWLEDGE for a two week free trial.
How Are Prestozon and ADS Changing?
We are incorporating the best of both platforms into the new software. The user interface will also get an overhaul. You’ll get the customizability of Prestozon’s rules, their best in class bid automation, along with some of the improvements that the ADS team has made. All the general functionality and strategic sensibilities of both Prestozon and ADS will remain, so anything you learn or set up on the current platforms will be viable with the new unified platform.
Will Prestozon and ADS Keep Running After the New Platform Is Released?
Both platforms will be supported temporarily while we facilitate everyone’s transition to the new platform. Ultimately, everyone will need to move to the new platform, but there will be overlap where both platforms continue to operate with customer service support.



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