How Can Platinum Members Use Adtomic?


Although Platinum members do not have access to the full functionality of Adtomic, the platform remains a great resource for sellers who connect their PPC token to their Helium 10 account. This article highlights the advantages of using Adtomic as a Platinum member.


Once your PPC token is connected to Helium 10, the last 60 days of Amazon PPC data will be imported to your Helium 10 account. To see the data, click on Adtomic, either from the top link on the dashboard, or via the drop-down tool menu.

Eventually, Adtomic will store and display up to two years of your PPC data for you, making it convenient to review and compare your current data next year or the year after. To see older data, use the drop-down calendar.


Immediately, on the Adtomic dashboard, you’ll see some high-level data displayed.

Adtomic’s stored data helps you review current and previous ad campaigns, including:

  • High-level data -- PPC Spend, PPC Sales, ACoS, and TACoS (if your PPC and MWS tokens are also connected)


  • Your five highest ACoS campaigns and five highest spend keywords


  • Graphs allow you to compare the following metrics: spend, sales, ACoS, CPC, CR, Clicks, Impressions, and Conversions.


The other section on Adtomic available to Platinum members is the Analytics page. 

The Analytics page contains six levels of data: Portfolio, Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Search Term, and Product.


Each level has toggle buttons to activate the display of additional information. Data columns can be sorted by clicking the top of the column.

In particular, on the Search Term level, Platinum sellers can find the search terms that are costing them a significant amount of money. Adtomic makes it easy to isolate the search terms that are performing poorly. Adtomic lets you funnel down to areas where ad spend has been wasted, resulting in no sales. 


Adtomic lets you copy campaign and keyword information so that you can add it as a negative keyword in Seller Central.

Finally, on the Product Level, when you have both your MWS and PPC tokens connected, you can track the total advertising costs in contrast to your total sales.


Platinum members are encouraged to use Adtomic, to take advantage of the aspects of the software that can help them run their Amazon business. At some point in building that  business, it may become time to level up to Diamond, and when that happens, it will be useful to already have up to two years of PPC data stored, and to be familiar with the tool’s analytics.


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