Adtomic Ad Manager

The Adtomic Ad Manager page allows you to review data, change the status of existing campaigns, create/edit new campaigns, and create/edit rules for your campaigns.

Navigating Adtomic Ad Manager

The Ad Manager page will display a list of all of the campaigns you’ve created. You are able to filter and drill down into specific campaigns to analyze data at more granular levels. You also have the ability to add, remove, and rearrange columns to customize your view. 

To add or remove metric columns:

  1. Click on the mceclip0.png “gear icon” towards the top-right of your table.
  2. Select the metrics you want to see.
  3. Click the mceclip0.png “gear icon” to close out of the selected metrics window to view your metrics below.

To move metric columns:

  1. Click, hold, and drag a specific column to the position you wish to place it on your table.
  2. Release your mouse button to drop the column into your selected position. 

Note: The solid blue bar as you drag the column indicates where the column will be positioned when you release your mouse button.


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Applying Filters

Within the Ad Manager page, you will have all of the following filtering abilities:

Filtering Options Filtering Metrics
Portfolio ACoS
Campaign ROAS
Campaign Type Spend
Targeting Type Sales
Status Clicks
Daily Budget PPC Orders


To apply a specific filter:

  1. Click on the Show Filters button towards the far right of your filtering box.
  2. Input your preferred filtering options and metrics, and click Apply Filters.

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Campaign Structure

Every campaign you create has a specific structure on how it's built within the system. There are multiple levels to a single campaign. Each level allows you to see more granular information and allows you to dive even deeper.

Amazon Ads Campaign Structure:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Groups
  • Targets
  • Search Terms
  • Negative Targets
  • Ads

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Creating Advertising PPC Campaigns

Adtomic allows you the ability to easily create a single campaign or a campaign structure with pre-existing rules. To learn more about creating an advertising campaign, please visit our Creating an Amazon Ads PPC Campaign or Campaign Structure in Adtomic guide.

Campaign Rules

Adtomic provides the ability to set up rules on your campaigns to either promote search terms and/or ASINs specific ASINs. It also provides you the ability to set up rules for your campaigns to negate specific search terms and/or ASINs.

For more on setting up campaign rules, please refer to our following articles: 

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Adding Campaigns to a New or Existing Schedule for Dayparting

To add campaigns to a new schedule:

    1. Click the mceclip1.png “gear” icon under the Schedules column to the right of a campaign.
    2. Click Create Schedule to create a new schedule that includes the campaign the gear icon you clicked was next to.
    3. Configure the new schedules settings:

Schedule Name - Input a meaningful Schedule Name so that when you visit your Schedules page later on, you will know which schedule refers to which campaigns and schedule rules.

Parameters - Configure your parameters if you chose not to carry over filters from the primary schedules page with hourly analytics. You have the ability to filter by the following to view hourly analytics and to set up a schedule:

    • CampaignChoose the campaigns to see analytics for
    • PeriodChoose the date range to view analytics for
    • Days AppliedChoose which days to view analytics for
    • Metrics
      1. Choose two metrics to analyze per other selected filters
      2. Select time ranges to change the default state of the selected campaigns on certain days and times as defined by your other parameters
      3. Add as many blocks of times as you wish

Start and End Date

  1. Choose when you want the schedule to start and when you’d like for the schedule to end
  2. Click Next
  3. Review your configured Schedule and click Save Schedule

To add campaigns to an existing schedule:

  1. Click the “gear” icon under the Schedules column to the right of a campaign to add a schedule to
  2. Click + Add to Schedule to add to an existing Schedule
  3. Search for or find the existing schedule you want to add the selected campaigns to and click Add

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Removing or Editing Campaigns From an Existing Dayparting Schedule

To remove campaigns from an existing schedule:

1. Click the “gear” icon under the Schedules column to the right of a campaign to remove the campaign from an existing schedule

2. Click the “trash can” icon next to the schedule you’d like to remove the campaign from

Note: The Schedule is not removed, only the campaign within the Schedule. Any other campaigns within the existing Schedule will still be dayparted according to the rules of the Schedule.

3. Click Delete schedule to confirm that you want to remove the campaign from the chosen Schedule.

Keyword Tracker Integration

The Adtomic Ad Manager allows you to incorporate our Keyword Tracker tool right inside Adtomic’s Ad Manager page. For more on how to incorporate our Keyword Tracker tool within Adtomic, please refer to Using the Keyword Tracker Integration Within Adtomic article.

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Adtomic 101

Visit our Adtomic Training & Resources page to help get you quickly started with Adtomic and learn our approach to PPC.


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