How Do I Apply a Discount Coupon to My Helium 10 Membership?

To apply a discount or coupon code, please follow the steps below. Discount coupons can only be applied once a year. If you are signing up for the first time, follow the steps below. If you are a current customer, and planning to renew with a coupon, please skip ahead to step eight. If you are a past customer, and you have a question about whether you are currently eligible to apply a coupon, please contact Customer Service. 

New Customers

1. Go to the main Helium 10 website. Click on Pricing.


2. On the Helium 10 Pricing page, you'll see all the various options for signing up. We encourage you to read through the comparison chart to identify the best plan for your business needs. 

IMPORTANT: Do not click on a BUY NOW button until you have chosen a monthly or annual plan, and have entered and applied your coupon.

You can sign up for a FREE account with limited access to the software to try out the tools risk-free, or you can sign up for one of the Platinum, Diamond or Elite plans. 


3. Choose whether you want a Monthly or Annual plan. Click on the appropriate button, Monthly or Annual. Signing up for an Annual plan automatically gives you two months free, if you choose either the Platinum or Diamond plan.


4. Before you click on any of the BUY NOW buttons, paste or type your coupon code into the top field above the plan options. Click the APPLY button.


5. A message will replace the coupon field, letting you know that the coupon has been applied. If you want to remove the coupon, click on REMOVE COUPON. Again, Helium 10 only allows you to apply a coupon once a year. 



6. Some coupons can also be applied to the already discounted annual price for Platinum and Diamond.


7. After selecting Monthly or Annual payments, and applying your coupon, click on the BUY NOW button for the plan you want. A form will open where you can add in your personal details.

Create your account by typing in your name, email address and, then a password. Click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT. On the payment tab, enter your credit card details.




Current Customers

8. Sign in to Helium 10 using your membership log in and password. Go to the main Helium 10 dashboard. Open the drop-down menu under your user icon. Select the link: Helium 10 Plans.


If you already have an existing Helium 10 account on a Free plan and have not yet subscribed to any plans before, find the blue "UPGRADE PLAN" button


9. On the Plan Details page, find the open field box in the center top. This box is where you enter your coupon or discount code.


10. Enter your coupon or discount code, then click the Apply button.

11. When the process is complete, a message will appear, similar to the image below, indicating your coupon or discount code has been successfully applied.
The Plan Price will change depending on the conditions of the discount/coupon code you use.
12. Click the "Subscribe" button of your chosen plan to continue.
13. A window will appear asking you to enter your credit card details for payment. 
Note: This step will be skipped, if you are already subscribed to a paid Helium 10 Plan, and your payment method is the same as when you first signed up.

Please note that only one coupon or discount code can be applied to a membership subscription, once per year. 

If you encounter any issues applying your discount code, please contact Customer Service using the blue bot on the main Helium 10 dashboard.


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