How Do I Cancel My Active Helium 10 Subscription?

Before you cancel outright, consider putting your account on Pause instead. By pausing your account for up to six months, Helium 10 stores your historical data, including your keyword and market tracking data. If you are certain you are ready to permanently cancel and lose your data, the cancellation process is simple. 

1. Click your Profile logo located at the top right corner of the Helium 10 Dashboard to activate the drop-down Settings menu, and then select Plans and Billing.


2. The Helium 10 Plans chart opens, displaying the plan options. The subscription plan you have is stated at the top. In the chart, under the heading of your current plan, there will be a Cancel button. Click the Cancel button.


3. The screen changes to the Cancellation Flow where we gather information to your reason(s) for cancellation, and walk you through the simple steps. Choose the option(s) that best fit the reason for your cancellation. 



4. The last screen confirms the cancellation request. Click the I UNDERSTAND button to finalize your cancellation action. 




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