Getting Started With Adtomic

To use Adtomic, you must connect your PPC tokens to your Helium 10 Account. 

While you do not need to have your Amazon Seller Token connected to your Helium 10 Account to use Adtomic, specific functions of the platform will not work without it. For example, the Products window will not show your products, and the Adtomic will not be able to display your total sales, nor the corresponding TACoS, or Total Advertising Cost of Sale. This data and its calculations are drawn from Helium 10's Profits tool, which requires the Seller Token to collect this information for your account.

If you don't want to be able to see your products or TACoS in Adtomic, you can still set up and manage your campaigns without issue; however, we recommend that you connect both your Seller and PPC tokens to your account. 

To connect your Seller and PPC tokens to your Helium 10 account, visit our How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller Account? article for Amazon instructions or our How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Walmart Seller Account? article for Walmart instructions.

Note: You can only link one Amazon PPC token to your Helium 10 account for Adtomic. If you wish to link multiple Amazon Seller Accounts to Adtomic, please visit our How Do I Manage Multiple Amazon Accounts in One Helium 10 Adtomic Account? article for instructions on how to connect multiple Amazon PPC tokens to a single Helium 10 account.

This article covers the following topics:

Accessing Adtomic

Once you have connected your PPC token to access Adtomic, you have two options on how to access Adtomic:

  • Visit
  • Click Adtomic on the top menu bar when logged in to your Helium 10 account.


Enabling Adtomic

To enable an account and profile in Adtomic so that you can access all features of Adtomic, follow these steps:

1. Access Adtomic using one of the two methods listed under Accessing Adtomic.
Note: This brings you to the Adtomic Dashboard by default.

2. Click on your current account and marketplace towards the top-right of the Adtomic Dashboard.

3. Click on the gear icon on the top-right of the drop-down that appears. This will bring you to the Adtomic Settings Page.

4. Select Disable, Analytics-only, or Manage for each account. 

Disable – Disabled accounts cannot be viewed and will not be charged a management fee.

Analytics-only – Allows you to view all campaign data without taking action or being charged a management fee.

Manage – Managing accounts with Adtomic allows you to create, manage, and optimize campaigns. Accounts may incur a management fee based on your plan.


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Navigating Adtomic

Once you have accessed Adtomic, you will be taken immediately to the Adtomic Dashboard page, which shows a high-level overview of the selected account’s PPC metrics. You can choose the current account selected at the top-right of the Adtomic Dashboard page and any of your other linked accounts.


There is also a gear icon mceclip1.png to enable specific accounts and profiles into all of Adtomic’s features. Profiles that are not enabled will only be allowed to view the Adtomic Dashboard and Analytics pages. Note that any enabled accounts and profiles count towards the Adtomic ad spend thresholds. Additionally, at the top-right of your Adtomic Dashboard page, you can select your date range (or lookback window).


The Adtomic Dashboard is one of the many pages of Adtomic. To access all the different Adtomic pages, hover your mouse over the left navigation bar and choose the specific page you wish to visit. 


On each page of Adtomic, you will find a Learn button towards the top, which will answer many of the frequently asked questions for the page you are viewing.



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Adtomic Pages

Below, you will find a brief overview of what to expect when visiting each of Adtomic’s different pages, as well as links with more detailed information regarding the specific page:

Account Overview

The Adtomic Account Dashboard page displays a high-level overview of all your current PPC data for a selected time period across all accessible PPC profiles within your account. You will find key metrics here for all profiles within your account, as well as Brand Performance metrics for your specific Brands.


The Adtomic Dashboard page displays a high-level overview of all your current PPC data for a selected time period based on the account selected towards the top right. You will find key metrics here for your entire account.


The Adtomic Suggestions page shows suggestions for the targets within your campaigns that have either applied AI Bid Rules or Custom Bid Rules, as well as Keyword Harvest and Negative Keyword Rules.


The Adtomic Analytics page ​​displays the analytical data relevant to all your campaigns based on the time period selected. The tabs at the top allow you to switch your display to also show your campaigns at the Portfolio Level, Ad Group Level, Keyword Level, Search Terms Level, and Product Level. The platform lets you view your PPC data in various ways on this page.

Ad Manager

The Adtomic Ad Manager page allows you to review data, change the status of existing campaigns, create/edit new campaigns, and create/edit rules for your campaigns.

Rules & Automation

The Adtomic Rules & Automation page allows you to review and set Rule Settings, Bid Rules, Keyword Harvest Rules, Negative Targeting Rules, and Budget Rules for your entire Adtomic account and marketplace that is currently selected. You can also create new Bid Rules, Keyword Harvest Rules, Negative Targeting Rules, and Budget Rules on this page.

Change Log

The Adtomic Change Log page displays historical records of all the keyword bid changes, including auto bid changes, new keyword changes, negative keyword changes, and manual keyword changes within your account.

Dayparting Schedules

The Adtomic Dayparting Schedules page allows you to easily visualize hourly data and create scheduled automations based on that data, allowing you to be more efficient with your ad spend on Adtomic.

Training & Resources

The Adtomic Training & Resources page provides you with access to our Adtomic 101 training course, our Adtomic Slack Community, Adtomic Guides, and more.


The Adtomic Settings page allows you to view and manage your Adtomic settings as well as review your total managed ad spend for the selected billing period and set a management level for each account connected to Adtomic.

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Adtomic 101

Visit our Adtomic Training & Resources page to help get you quickly started with Adtomic and learn our approach to PPC.


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