Intro to Adtomic

Competing for customer sales on Amazon generally means setting up and running PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, for the busy online seller, running PPC advertising effectively, in addition to everything else in a seller's day that needs to be managed, can be overwhelming. 

Even after the campaigns are set up, the task requires weekly monitoring and adjustments based on the data showing what is and isn't working. Helium 10's Adtomic is designed to help make the task more efficient, saving you time and money.

What is Adtomic?

Adtomic is Helium 10's advertising software that lets you manage your essential PPC needs across the Amazon ads platform. Adtomic allows you to easily set up and run PPC campaigns and configure rules and automation to achieve a specific goal.

How do I Access Adtomic?

Adtomic is available in full with the Supercharge Your Brand plan. It is also available for purchase as an add-on for the Platinum and Diamond plans.

Leveling up Adtomic functionality and features allows Helium 10 to meet both the needs of sellers using PPC for the first time and veteran sellers who have already tested and validated their PPC methodology.

To start using Adtomic, visit our Getting Started With Adtomic article.


Adtomic 101

Visit our Adtomic Training & Resources page to help get you quickly started with Adtomic and learn our approach to PPC.


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